Week of the June 25, 2017

May 23, 2017 - September 30, 2017
Campus Services will perform scheduled maintenance and repairs at the 1599 Parking Deck this Summer.  Most of the work will be scheduled in the evening to avoid inconvenience.  However, we must perform some work during the day in order to fix the ponding water issue on level B near the building entrance.    
Here is what to expect: 
Day work will begin in late May and consist of concrete repairs, joint sealants, and adding a drain at level B.  Work will be coordinated to maintain traffic flow.

Level B will close one weekend late in June to apply waterproofing that will protect portions of the 1599 Building below this deck (document services center, lock shop).  Details of the closure will follow as soon as they are confirmed.

Night work will commence in July, with no expected disruption to regular parking.
Project Manager: Charles Rossignol    Phone: 404/712-9447   email